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Red Light Therapy

No Tan Lines LLP

How Often Should I Come and How Much Does it Cost?

Red Light is Affordable For Everyone 

  • During your initial phase of Red Light treatments we recommend coming 2-3 times per week. Once full desired results are obtained, then we recommend coming once to twice a month for maintenance of acne, wrinkles and pains.  Some things, like stretch marks, will fade away and never come back, i.e requiring no maintenance. 
  • However Red Light is the gift that just keeps on giving! It is so beneficial and relaxing, many of our clients continue to come 3 times each week and continue to reap the benefits.  
  • Red light packages start as low as just $25! 

What is Red light Therapy?

NASA Developed Mother Nature Approved 


  • Originally developed by NASA scientists to grow vegetables in outer space. 
  • Used in Dermatology and Sports Medicine for 20+ years. 
  • Similar to plants, human cells respond to red light, repairing and reversing signs of aging.   

How Long Does it Take to See Results ?

Each client is different 

  • Typically after just one session you notice changes such as softer skin, improved sleep and pain improvement. 
  • The benefits of Red Light are cumulative meaning every session will show more results than the one before.
  • The long-term benefits of red light are vast and profound, from lowering ones blood pressure, to relief from body pains and arthritis. Stretch Marks, scars and acne vanish as ones hair and nails get stronger.  The more sessions one does, the more results one experiences!